~ Subtle Field Cranio Sacral Therapy ~


Comments from students following an Introdutory Class in Kona, Hawaii ~ Fall, 2016 ~ 

  • "As for the class, I personally loved it. That evening it felt like I was going through a major shift or detox. I have suffered with chronic neck and back pain since my accident. And I try my best to handle it on a daily basis without medication. I was so surprised by how much the Cranio Sacral helped after the "training" session. It's amazing and something I want to explore more. Two days after our meeting I had no pain. I woke up to a pain-free body, which hasn't happened in so long. ~ it was great. The activities you did to show us visuals of what we are doing and what is needed for this work was brilliant! I look forward to our paths crossing again. Many Blessings" ~ Angie, Kona, Hawaii

  • "Dear Bridie, I loved every single minute yesterday. It gave me a lot of insight of myself and also of my work! For me it was a great permission, just to listen and have faith in the other person's own self to find the way, & to be still be present and loving! So for me it was really not just another ' modality' on my service menu down the road, it was a way to free myself without compromising my love and care for others! Thank you so much for this! On the practical side, I was sooo tired as soon as I was on the table. Your session really relaxed me and I slept so well that night! If you have any news about another workshop you would like to lead. Let me know! I also would like to come to you one time and have a full session! Aloha and mahalo you beautiful soul!"               ~ Tina W. ~ Kailua Kona, Hawaii

  • "Aloha Bridie, The class was powerful on many levels. The removing of 'self', and holding space, and being a witness, has been the first thing I have incorporated into my own practice. I have practiced three times on clients with profound results. I plan to schedule a session with you. I can't wait. As far as the learning... I think the way in which you were sharing knowledge and the dynamics of the work, it was perfect. I think the concept of the "self work" was important especially in the subtle work. It made me think we could have a whole class on meditation and how to manage your energy healthily while doing body work." ~ Bree, Hawaii