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Craniosacral Therapy in the Subtle Field ~

When I started out in practice with Craniosacral Therapy I had a background & experience that spanned from the more traditional biomechanical insights, protocols & approaches of Upledger Institute, to the more shamanic & esoteric work of Hugh Milne & my extraordinary teacher Wes Vaught, & out to the Biodynamic wizardry of Franklyn Sills & others ~

What I realized, after a short while of working with the bio-energetic information field that is the 'home base' of Craniosacral Therapy ~ is that what I was actually called to, was in part a combination of all the approaches that had crossed my path ~ but that there was also something very much broader & more subtle going on beyond all of that... This interested me hugely!

I went back to the drawing board to find out what I was picking up & why this way of being didn't seem to fit neatly into any of the more traditional boxes...

Simultaneous to my Craniosacral Therapy training, I was studying for 4 years with an a truly radical, divinely Awakened Master ~ Houman ~

What he was teaching me was taking all the insight, wisdom & protocols of CST that I had learned, out into a very much wider, more broad & divinely intuitive field...

Beyond that, an additional 4+ years of study of the esoteric teachings of Divine Consciousness & the true nature of Existence, through the lessons & work of Paramahansa Yogananda & Self Realization Fellowship, was giving me a deeply grounded training in the essence & science of Consciousness...

At the same time, I was traveling twice a year, or more, to Los Angeles & San Francisco, California, & to London, UK, & Chicago, Illinois, to place myself in the presence of the living scripture that is Amma ~ A true Avatar & Awakened Divine Incarnation... Like Christ ~ but here, on earth, right now.

Simply to be consciously awake & attentive, in Her Presence, was to read the deepest scripture of existence, first hand...

Everything I knew or thought I knew about existence was being constantly challenged & redefined... Boundary lines dissolved faster than thought ~ It was constantly moving ground... but utterly exhilarating & 'Real' beyond anything I could ever have conceptualized ~

I decided to pick a new starting place ~ A new place to come in to the work... because the paradigms I had been given were feeling obsolete before I had even begun using them...

Instead of trying to 'fix' something in the body or mind... I arrived in a state of deepest 'listening' Presence & soul awareness... in stillness... in silence ~ without projection of any kind ~

Created space for the essence of my client to be witnessed, to feel deeply 'heard' at a perceptible & transformational level ~ & listened to the story of their whole being ~ Body Mind & Spirit ~ unfold, as it wished to be met... & to witness & hold space for it to recreate itself, in truth, through the unfathomable healing journey of meeting in true Presence ~

~ I took a risk, & deconstructed everything I thought I knew & had been taught about Craniosacral Therapy... before even taking one further step into practice ~ to find out what was 'really' going on...

In a very simple way, I asked myself ~

1.) OK ~ who have been the greatest healers on earth...? (Including: raising the dead, curing ordinarily incurable conditions, etc. ~ REALLY... )
~ Jesus Christ, Amma, Sri Yukteswar, Lahiri Mahasaya, Paramahansa Yogananda ~ to name a few... The Awakened Masters who have walked this earth over the centuries ~

Belief or non-belief in these Great Souls is no more meaningful now than 'choosing not to believe in' gravity, a spherical planet or global warming...

It may feel cute to limit what one chooses to believe, but it makes not the slightest difference to the validity of what is.

2) How many years did they spend studying healing?
~ None.

3) What text books did they study?
~ None.

4) What degrees or certificates did they receive?
~ None.

5) What techniques & protocols did they use?
~ None.

6) Who did they study with?
~ No-one.

7) How long did they spend studying basic Anatomy & Physiology?
~ They didn't.

8) OK ~ so if they didn't study techniques or get certificates, or use protocols... What did they 'do'?
~ They didn't 'do' anything. It is a question of what they 'Are' ~ Their state of divine Consciousness... rather than what they 'did'.

9) OK ~ so how close to this ideal can we work with others in a way that is profoundly serving & transformational on all levels of Body Mind & Spirit
~ The answer to this evolves daily through the practice... Outcomes have been utterly extraordinary & mind-blowing... the practice is never static, always evolving & absolutely practical... I allow for the use of basic protocols that 'keep it interesting' for me & keep a sense of grounding in the original work ~ whilst not limiting the scope of practice one iota ~ It makes for a very dynamic & intriguing process that is also deeply nourishing, transformational & restful for clients ~

10) Can you believe this is your life?
~ No! Absolutely no... it has been the richest most extraordinary journey of my life ~ & still is ~ every single day...

Now ~ Existence ~ Truth ~ Presence ~ are the teachers... the guides... the Consciousness of my clients creates the path ~ & the depth of the Journey unfolds naturally, through the honesty & integrity of our meeting...

I still enjoy the 'detective work' & the honest dialoguing with the body/mind that comes with Classic & Biodynamic Craniosacral approach ~ It is still an utterly valid way 'in' to the work ~ and at times, it is also exactly how the body wishes to be met & to express it's healing journey ~

It is simply that there is also access to an utterly wordless, formless dimension of pure consciousness that can, and often does, facilitate the work much more gracefully than the denser more familiar layers of our being...

Once the door to this level of existence is open & conscious, we can move seamlessly between all these layers depending on how the being wishes to communicate & navigate ~

My role is to hold a deeply compassionate, loving, accepting, space of deep Presence at the highest level of Consciousness I can bring to each moment... & to support them as this deep meeting place creates it's own healing journey at the level of Body Mind & Spirit ~

To witness the transformation & reflect gently back to them in such a way that they fully experience the conscious transformation of physical, mental & emotional trauma & karma ~ & reconnect with the deepest Soul essence that they have come here to liberate & live as fully as they dare ~ in this lifetime ~ Now.

"In Craniosacral Therapy one of the most profound 'tools' is to step far enough back from 'doing' as to not interfere with the work...   Project nothing but simply be a skilled and informed witness ~ a compassionate presence. 
Trust the wisdom & intelligence of the system, the 'unerring potency' to do the work... 'Listen', be present, 'be with' the system in compassionate neutrality ~ Become the witness and see how much vaster and more gracious this work will become ~ 
Just as we do not prise open the petals of a flower but rather witness the beautiful mystery of it's blossoming ~ "

Dissolving the 'I' ~

"We could think of ourselves as being like drops of water...

...where the body, the mind and the emotions ~ that which I call 'myself', 'me', ~ would be the drop of water, individuated & separate...

However we are also capable of dissolving the consciousness of the boundary of the water droplet that is 'I', and merging the conscious awareness with the infinite sea of the Soul ~ with Source, the Divine.

Craniosacral therapy is one active, engaged, way of reconnecting with the source of 'I' ~ 'I-ness' ~ the vast boundless Ocean of Spirit.

~ the Divine, out of which 'I' have arisen, and back into which the 'I' ultimately dissolves....

As the consciousness reconnects with Source, one finds oneself in the vast vibrational field of the Subtle, the formless field of 'Beingness'. 

In this space of conscious awareness, ~ Presence, the Subtle Field, ~ healing and transformation can be affected at the level of consciousness crystallizing into the physical. 

In this Subtle Field, thought affects matter and intention guides physical transformation and healing. 

This is where the real magic happens!"

* 'Healing in the Subtle Field. The Transformational Journey of Craniosacral Therapy & Consciousness' ~ Bridie Jane Ridsdale

The Bowl of Light ~

One way to look at healing is to gauge how much joy and peace we hold at the core.. & how much negative or unhealed memory is stored in the subtle field & body ~

~ Shame, anger, or any negative, contracted emotional state, consciously held, or unconsciously held, is bad medicine ~ 

Freedom comes from consciously touching the energy, in a supported therapeutic environment, 'unloading' the charge, & letting go at the subtle energy level where the emotions first get stored in the tissue, and in the psyche ~ 

This need for emotional freedom in the journey to full health, aliveness & joy, is one reason in my practice that I have developed Subtle Field Craniosacral Therapy as the way I come to this work... 

Another reason I work this way is born of unforgettable meetings & years of study with an awakened teacher, a true Guru, a number of highly conscious guides & an elderly Saint... But that is another story ~ 

Shame is only one of a long list of negative emotions that can be held in our body memory... It all has to go. 

Another guiding principle in my work is the Hawaiian story of the Bowl of Light... In a simple version... We are all born with a radiant perfect bowl of Light ~ the Light of our Soul ~ 

As we go through life, negative events and experiences place rocks into this bowl... Eventually, for those who's life path has many challenges,  enough rocks are added that they obscure or almost obscure the Light... 

(Aside: One way to tell when the bowl is filled with rocks... 

Just look at the eyes, do they hold sadness, depression, insecurity, resentment, sneakiness, anger, pride, lust, anxiety, fear... Or? 

Watch the actions, thoughts and words... do they shine brightly with joy, love, lightness of heart and kindness? ~ or is there something more contracted there...? ) 

(Praise be! )

At a certain time, with support, and through tremendous Grace... We can 'Huli' the bowl ~ (tip it over) and the Light shines radiantly again, untouched by the rocks that have now been released from the bowl... 

May all beings be free. May all beings find peace... 

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