'Subtle Field Therapies' (or Subtle Energy Therapies) is the term I use to describe the blending of the diverse subtle healing modalities I have studied & learned over the past 25+ years, & the intuitive approach that has been given to integrate these into a profoundly gentle & beautiful therapeutic approach that touches body mind and spirit for conscious transformation & personal growth ~
This healing journey has taken me from my childhood home in the beautiful Isles of Scilly, England, to the wild beauty of Kerry on the west coast of Ireland, Kashmir and the Himalayas, the temples of Thailand, the powerful & remote shores of the Hawaiian Islands & into the presence of Saints, Healers & Mystics ~
Everything I have been given, I offer back in service to those who feel drawn to this work ~

~ for anyone interested to know more, I will share in a little more detail below~

Throughout my life I have felt inherently drawn to the deepest explorations of the psyche and the soul~ and to understanding the very meaning of life at it's deepest core level, & how we can create deep and meaningful lives of increasing clarity, balance and well-being~

To this end, over the years I have explored many different approaches to health and paths to understanding life purpose, and have studied and trained in those that drew me most strongly~

This journey has brought me into the presence of Mystics, Saints & Healers ~ I am humbled and awed by the souls that have touched my life~

Modalities that have inspired & informed me are many and diverse and include:
* Cranio Sacral Therapy
* Reflexology
* Aromatherapy
* Iridology
* Flower remedies
* Meditation
* Raja Yoga
* Kriya Yoga
* Shiatsu
* Chi Kung
* Tai Chi
* Hakomi
* Therapeutic Massage
* Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage
* Myofascial techniques
* Intuitive visualization
* Healing through invocation of Divine Grace, under the guidance of an awakened Master
* Chakra balancing
* Intuitive use of breath in energy clearing
* Reiki
* Healing Touch
And more...

Over the years these elements have combined together, and the 'living' quality of working with consciousness has given me a way to integrate these elements into highly personalized healing sessions based on the needs & wishes of the individual ~ no two sessions are the same, even with the same client~ there is a greater force at work, that is the very essence of our own true Self~

blessings ~


My practice is based between Hawaii, California & the beautiful Isles of Scilly, England