I would like to share with you a little about the form of
Cranio Sacral & Subtle Field Therapy that I offer~

How do tranquility, deep peace & profound
relaxation sound?  Can you imagine feeling more
deeply rested after an hour & a half than you have
ever felt after a full nights' sleep? 

~ in this state of Deep Peace come Healing,
Real & Lasting Change ~


*Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) is one of the most subtle & profound healing tools I have found. It assists the body's natural capacity for self-repair & self-adjustment, even where tension or injury patterns have been in place for many years~

*Injury, trauma, stress, & emotional patterns all impact the way energy flows in the body; & also the way patterns of contraction are held in the muscles & subtle layers of tissue. This can affect one not only physically, as postural or pain patterns, but also emotionally, as in the way we meet the world, or deal with personal relationships & everyday challenges~
Some conditions that are commonly addressed with Cranio Sacral Therapy include:

back pain headaches exhaustion stress
fall or injury insomniawhiplash injuries
tension griefdepressionsports injuriesPTSDdigestive problemsemotional issuespanic attacksTMJ arthritis
frozen shoulderlethargyhormonal imbalancepre and post-operative supportre-integration after accidents or traumapre and post-labor supportbirth traumachildhood conditionshyperactivity, and much more...

first response noticed by clients is usually a sense of profound
peace and calmness that seems more restful than sleep~as sessions
progress deep and subtle unwinding of tension patterns may be noted with
a subsequent sense of ease and well-being that can spread into all
areas of one's life.
Effects can be Truly life changing!


*Through training & practice the practitioner learns to attune to the most subtle patterns of tension and energy flow in the body.

Body, Mind and Spirit communicate constantly
if we are silent enough to hear their 'voice'.


* Because the touch and contact are so very gentle Cranio Sacral & Subtle Field Therapies are appropriate for and often used not only for adults, but also with babies & children. This can also be a profound way to work with children who have structural, emotional, mental & cognitive impairment *

*no 'force' is introduced into the system at all ~ thus this work is a profound & gentle way to work with children & babies*


~As a professional English nanny and Parent-Child Educator of more than 25 years, and a CST therapist, I have worked with infants and children in both Hawaii and the UK.  I would be happy to discuss this further with parents who have an interest in this work for their child ~ d.


Sessions are held with the client fully clothed,
Therapeutic touch is extremely light & it is the lightness of touch, along with a deep 'listening' presence on the part of the practitioner, that allows for profound levels of attunement to the Subtle Field & to the energy flow & tension patterns in the physical & subtle body ~ 

***Cranio Sacral Therapy can also be integrated with
therapeutic massage***


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