Bridie Jane ~ 


 *Cranio Sacral & Subtle~Field Therapy* 
*Reiki Master~ Trainer   
*Somatic Breathwork~ 
*Intuitive Visualization ~  
*Energy Clearing & Re-Balancing~


*Therapeutic Integrative Massage also available, as needed ~

~ Focusing on Conscious Transformation, Healing & Personal Growth ~ 

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Subtle Field Cranio Sacral TherapyTM~


Energy Therapies~

~for conscious transformation & personal growth~

*Conscious Field Therapy & Somatic Breath Work 

*Reiki Master 

*Intuitive Visualization 

*Energy Clearing & Re-Balancing

 Therapeutic Integrative Massage~

 ***customized therapeutic work blending elements of~

*Traditional, Therapeutic & Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

*Myofascial Work

~and including, as required...

*aromatherapy oils/ subtle field therapies/ reflexology

**I am currently living & working on the Big Island of Hawaii ~ treatment sessions are available in my beautiful & conveniently located Kamuela office~  ...& also in the Isles of Scilly, England 

Sessions can be arranged by

calling:   (808) 640-6724 (Hawaii)