~ Bridie Jane ~


* Heart of Heaven *

*Cranio Sacral


Subtle Field


~ Focusing on

Conscious Transformation,

Healing & Personal Growth ~ 


Therapy Menu~

* Subtle Field Cranio Sacral TherapyTM 

* & Subtle Energy Therapies ~


Focusing on ~

*Personal Transformation ~ healing on all levels of body/mind & spirit, & Personal Growth ~

*Clearing blocked, hidden or traumatic energy & memory from the Subtle Field ~

*Supporting awareness to truly Reconnect with Higher Self ~

*Working to resolve stress, anxiety, worry or chronic conditions that can block Transformation & Reconnection to Source Energy, or Love ~

*Releasing PTSD through Conscious Transformation of the contracted energy field & connection to the Higest frequency of Grace ~


Also including~ 

*Conscious Field Therapy & Somatic Breath Work 

*Reiki Master 

 *Subtle Field Reflexology TM

*Intuitive Visualization 

*Energy Clearing & Re-Balancing

Therapeutic Integrative Massage~

~ customized therapeutic work as needed ~

*Traditional, Therapeutic & Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

*Myofascial Work

~ and including, as required...

*Pure Essential Aromatherapy Oils/ Pure & Organic Lotions & Oils/ Subtle Field Therapies/ Subtle Field Reflexology TM

*** I am currently living & working on the Big Island of Hawaii ***

~ treatment sessions are available in my beautiful, peaceful & conveniently located Kamuela office ~  

...& also in the Isles of Scilly, England (when in the UK)

Sessions can be arranged by calling: * (808) 640-6724 (Hawaii)

Bridie Jane Ridsdale ~ HI LMT # 11257 ~